Monday 20 November Dutch partner Stichting met with one of the user trial centres to discuss the trials that are planned for 2018.

At WVO zorg in Vlissingen, a volunteer coordinator works to manage all voluntary activities and volunteers providing non-medical services to the elderly. WVO also collaborates with other volunteer organizations in the region.

During the meeting the setup of the trials were discussed and a plan to recruit the volunteers to co-operate in the trial was formed. Volunteers are often reluctant to participate in (technical) trials, due to the fact that it might distract them from the voluntary activities, which are the main reason to be a volunteer. One of WVO volunteers that joined the meeting was poditive about the recruitment, saying that MyMate could blend in their normal activity and it would give the opportunity to provide feedback to the centre.

It is planned to run a two-staged trial of each 6 weeks, during which the volunteers and the coordinators work with MyMate. The first trial is planned to start in February 2018.