On Tuesday, 12th of December, the Romanian AAL officer has visited Singular Logic Romania premises as part of the standard yearly MyMate progress review. Singular Logic is the main technology provider of MyMate project, leading the development process with the help of Brainstorm, Spain a company that specialises in animation and gamification solutions.

This year was the most important in terms of development since all prototypes should be ready and fully functional for validation to start on time. Additionally the midterm review that was successfully held in early September had as a prerequisite the evaluation of the technology platform developed prior to validation.

The integrated prototype that will be ready for validation was delivered as D2.2 – MyMATE Integrated Prototype for Validation and Refinement. It will be refined according to the feedback received in order to obtain a final prototype validated and ready for commercial exploitation (M33).

The officer was also shown the web site of MyMate used as the main communication tool for the project’s activities. Overall the progress made by partner Singular Logic Romania was found more than adequate to the national authority’s reviewer so it will continue to support it till its completion.