New MyMate video released!

As a result of these fantastic focus groups and interviews, MyMate has edited and published a promotional video […]

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MyMate at AAL Forum Bilbao

MyMate and the people behind it participated in AAL forum 2018 held in Bilbao, Spain […]

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First Validation Results in Spain

After some weeks with MyMate prototype running in the elderly care centre “Les Boqueres” (Altea, Spain), […]

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The results of MyMate project will be exhibited at the AAL Forum in Bilbao

The 2018 AAL Forum will take place this year in Bilbao on September 24th, 25th and 26th. […]

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MyMate meeting in Bucharest

On 16th and 17th of May the meeting on MyMate project took place in Bucharest, […]

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The MyMate technology is ready for being tested


The technology developed in MyMate project consists of two different applications: […]

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Borromean Rings & the Colour of Wisdom

A well-known business guru said that it is easy to discover innovators […]

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Meeting held in Valencia with a view to the imminent MyMate´s validation

After the MyMate mid-term review meeting […]

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The Aha! Experience With Mymate

Aha! is a short and funny exclamation […]

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Initial User Testing in Spain

On July 5th, partners from the MyMate consortium […]

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