The technology developed in MyMate project consists of two different applications:

On the one hand, a web-based desktop application in which Tertiary users (managers of care centres or volunteering coordinators) can manage MyMate users and the missions to be performed (activities to be made together). This application allows these users to create profiles of primary (elder person at home) and secondary users (elder volunteers) and the missions to be performed by volunteers. This application also manages the status of missions, rewards and scores obtained by these secondary users after successfully completing a mission.

On the other hand, the user will find a mobile app pre-installed in a tablet/IPad offered to those elder users acting as volunteers. On the tablet, these users will be able to consult the missions pending to be carried out, manage the on-going missions by sending feedback about the activity carried out in company with their MyMate user (elder person at home). It is also possible for them to consult the points obtained during the missions and exchange them for certain gifts or rewards that are sponsored by several city’s collaborators. Additionally, the App makes possible the communication via chat among the different secondary users (elder volunteers) or with the care centre.

These two applications are synchronized so that the updated data can be accessible for any user interacting with MyMate. Both the desktop application and the App have been designed without losing sight of the users´ opinion and requests in order to obtain a simple and intuitive tool.

Trial periods are about to start, the consortia are now finishing up the final preparations to test MyMate tool in real conditions. The main goal of this stage will be to extract as much valuable information from the users´ impressions as possible and after that, to implement the potential improvements suggested by them.