Romanian AAL Officer Visits Singular Logic

On Tuesday, 12th of December, the Romanian AAL officer has visited Singular Logic […]

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MyMate solution has been presented as a poster within the 27th Alzheimer Europe Conference (27AEC)

The abstract “Seniors to help seniors – MyMate an integrated ICT-based solution to create a social community among seniors” has been succesfully presented […]

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Preparing for the Dutch field trials

Monday 20 November Dutch partner Stichting met with one of the user trial centres […]

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Borromean Rings & the Colour of Wisdom

A well-known business guru said that it is easy to discover innovators […]

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Meeting held in Valencia with a view to the imminent MyMate´s validation

After the MyMate mid-term review meeting […]

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The Aha! Experience With Mymate

Aha! is a short and funny exclamation […]

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Creating sustainable elder care systems with MyMate

Demographers have studied ageing trends and created the “Demographic Transition Model” […]

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MaMate Use Case – Juan – Tertiary User

Juan works at the main elderly care centre in Elche […]

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MyMate Use Case – Sophia – Secondary User

Sophia retired from her job in a bank 10 years ago. […]

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MyMate Use Case – Maria – primary User

Maria is 81 years old and lives on her own […]

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